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How I go to start my business at beginning?

lace fabric workshop

When I was graduated from school, I worked with a Ghana company to bring customers to select all kinds of fabric in China wholesale market. At the time with customers in different markets, I found that the existing design does not fully satisfy some customers. And I was wondering to have some pattern design by myself. Then I started to design the different pattern picture for the customer’s choice, if the customer likes it, we will ask the factory to print my design on the fabric which customer like. And the customer started to order the fabric with my design.

With the experience of fabric patterns creating the design more and more with my team does, I became fascinated by different arts and colors. And I realized that I have a great interest in it.

Now our shop carries multiple different lace fabric, wax print fabric which is very suitable for traditional African people’s cloth, they will love to wear on party. As we talk about African fabric, we know what good quality African fabric is. That is what we bring to you.


My love for design and choose fabric will come to life because of you. I could not have done it without your support.

Over 6 years accumulated

As the business experience increasing, I started selling beside African lace fabrics, also with Nigerian jewelry and crystal clutch to the worldwide customers at 2016s be online till now.

Nowadays, our products ranges include all kinds of swiss lace, African lace fabric, asoebi dress fabric, African dashiki, angelina, lace dashiki, African headwrap, African necklace, African print, African printed, African print fabric, African dress fabric, wax print fabric, African wax print, African wax print fabric, African wedding dress, such beautiful African bridesmaids accessories, like embroidery lace fabric, coral beads necklace, gele, aso oke, bridesmaids jewelry, African jewelry, crystal evening clutch, etc.

We have a team and showroom located in Guangzhou, China to handle customer's orders now. Our purpose is to bring the African trending and all good kinds of good stuff to customers all together by one site. you just site on home, and can get everything you want from us here!

Our purpose

Every day, many customers come and buy, because of our good service and decent quality, they suggest we should open an online shop, that's how Lacewordshop online opened, that is to bring you the good quality stuffs with affordable price, to bring you to be the most wonderful online shop experience.

Enjoy your shopping with us . Any questions, please reach me for better service.

Thank you.
From LaceDesign Workshop / May